BuildXcape Platform for Outdoor Escape Games

In the past 2 months we have been busy working with one of the escape rooms in Singapore to run an outdoor escape event. The event, named The Guardians, was organized in Sentosa, an island resort in Singapore, for 3 consecutive weeks. With BuildXcape platform as the core, one of the interesting parts of the event is that the game session is played on mobile web application and monitored remotely, thus to the favor of our customer, they only need to put game masters and one station at the starting location and for the rest of the locations they do not have to do so.

The event was covered by Strait Times, the Singapore most popular newspaper. Escaped SG blog, one of the main Singapore blogs that review escape games in Singapore, also had an blog post about the event here

To play the game, each team need one account with email as user id and a password. Every member needs to log in with that account on BuildXcape website from his/her mobile to join the game session of his/her team.  By using one account, it allows all phones to be synced together so if any team member does something on his/her mobile, it will be instantly updated (real-time) on other member’s phone.

Below are some features of the game with our platform:

1. Introductory screen: After logging in, this is the first screen they will see. They need to scan a barcode, which will be provided by the game master.


2. Countdown: Once the barcode is accepted, the system will run a countdown of 30-60 seconds. The purpose of the countdown is to give the team a little bit of time to prepare before the game actually started.


3. Game session: each puzzle consists of:
a. A storyline: represented by 1-2 pictures/video/text (like the below dragon that is saying) to enhance the theme of the game. Sometime there are hints hidden in the storyline. Players need to study the storyline carefully.
b. A puzzle: represented by 1 photo/text. Players cannot solve the puzzle solely based on that photo. They need to observe around, as there are things at the location which combine with this photo/text will enable them to figure out the answer.
c. A space to submit answer and a hint button. Hint will only be available after a certain time.
d. Clock: at the top to the right, in black circule, to show the time left. There is time penalty for wrong attempts multiple time. During penalty time players cannot try any answers.
e. There is time bonus if players manage to solve the puzzle

4. Inventory: another intersting part of this platform. As you manage to solve a certain puzzles, you will be able to collect some items. These items will be used to solve other puzzles later on.


5. Map: an imperative feature of our platform. It would be a huge let down if there was no GPS Map for an outdoor escape game, especially when it was run on mobiles. In addition to telling the team where they are, an interesting part of the map is that it will prompt the players (location trigger) when they approach a checkpoint.

See the blue dot? It shows your location

It is a pity that we were unable to use other cool features for this project due to the tight timeline, such as Image Recognition (to populate some clue when you scan an image), Voice Recognition, and even Augmented Reality. Having said that, we hope that we can add them into the coming projects. Stay tuned for our next blog post about it!


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