6 cool mobile technologies for real escape games

Nowadays smartphones play an imperative part in our life. Of 10 people you meet on the road, at least half of them are busy looking at their phones while walking. As smartphone becomes handy, we think of how to make use smartphones to play escape games – real escape games, not thoese escape game app you see on app stores.

When talking about smartphones, people immediately relate to physical puzzles like locks, hidden objects and other complex mechanical puzzles. It sounds kind of weird at first to play real escape games with smartphones, however these following technologies from smartphone will change your mind after reading them:

  1. Barcode & QR code
    These are the simplest and most popular one – players use their phones to scan barcode/QR code to extract information
  2. Image recognition
    This is a much more advance technology than the first one, which allow you to scan any pictures and from doing so revealing secret information to you. Imagine you scan a banner in a public place and it populates a clue. How cool it is!
  3. Augmented Reality (AR)
    We have a post about this before. Needless to say more about this one – Pokemon Go is one of the vivid example if you need one. By scanning a marker, a 3D object will be populated and you can do something with that object: touch it, wipe it, move around the object, etc.
  4. Voice Recognition
    Imagine you yell a spell, then suddenly something happen!
    Siri is one of the well-known technology for this voice recognition. Though it is still not so accurate at the moment, voice recognition is a promising technology for escape game in the near future.
  5. Hand Recognition
    By using your fingers, you can form numbers, shapes, etc. that the phone can detect. If you form a correct pattern, the puzzle will be unlocked. You can make a flying bird with your hands, or anything and let the phone detects it!
  6. Internet of thing – Wifi control
    For example a door is locked by a wifi lock. Only when you solve a puzzle on the phone, then the door will be open by receiving open signal from the phone.

At BuildXcape, we are specialized in escape room design platform on mobile, that help game designers to make and run their escape room games. We are developing the abovementioned 6 features in our platform and hope that they will bring escape room to the next level.

What do you think about these technologies? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section.



One thought on “6 cool mobile technologies for real escape games

  1. I am fascinated by your techniques. I just started getting into custom components with raspberry pi’s and trying to balance a 50/50 type experience between automation and mechanical type experience. If you have any articles or know of some and could point me to them I would appreciate it!


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