Popular themes for DIY home escape

As the service provider of DIY escape room platform, we usually receive enquiries on how to make and design one own escape room. Therefore we would like to write a blog post about the themes that DIY escape room designers can use and hopefully by reading this you will have some ideas for your own escape room at home.

We will group themes into each category as follows:

  1. Scary theme: zombie attack, trapped house, ghost house, hell gate
    Players need to escape the house before disaster happens, like zombie attacks or trapped forever.
  2. Detective theme: most popular are murderer and bomb defusal theme
    Players need to investigate to find out who is the murder/criminal of the scene
  3. Find a special object: treasure hunt, lost object, assemble artifact
    A story is revealed to players and they have a mission to search for that particular object.
  4. Festive season theme: Christmas, Easter, New Year
    The most popular escape room of this type is Santa Claus theme: find the lost Santa Claus, Santa Claus’ hidden present, etc.
  5. Kid theme: usually for birthday events or family reunion
    The themes can be Harry Potter, Pokemon, Disney, Star War, DC & Marvel superheroes. You can make use of fairy tales and other popular cartoons
  6. Or no theme:
    You can provide players with certain puzzles (locks, keypads, etc.) and give them a few description. Their job will be to unlock all the puzzles so that they can win the game.

What do you think about this list? Feel free to share your thought in the comment. You can also send us your enquiry here if you have an DIY escape room plan and would like to furnish it with our escape room platform.


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