Helpful tips for Escape Room Owners

As the provider of BuildXcape escape room platform, which helps escape room designers design and run their own room easier, we are always interested in how escape room owners work to create their rooms. Some will design their own rooms while others will contract with an independent escape room designers for the work. Recently when we visited Cracked it! Escape Games blog, we found one interesting blog post that we would like to share with you and believe that it will be beneficial to you as the escape room owners.

Thanks to Brian’s generosity, the owner of the blog, we are allowed to share a portion of his post here. For the full content, please feel free to read it here.

15 Questions to ask before contracting with an escape room designer:

  1. What is your background and level of expertise in game design?
  2. How long have you been in the Escape Room business?
  3. How many games have you designed?
  4. Do any of your games infringe on ANY Intellectual Property rights?
  5. Has your game been heavily play tested? If What are the stats? What is the average success/failure rate?
  6. What Escape Room companies have you designed games for?
  7. How many copies of your game are in circulation?
  8. Where are your games currently deployed?
  9. What exactly am I getting for my money?
  10. Do you have a redacted sample of a game design package that I could review before deciding to contract with you?
  11. Do you have testimonials from satisfied customers?
  12. Do you have references that I may contact?
  13. Am I purchasing a license for this game or am I purchasing the ownership rights to this game?
  14. What is your cancellation and refund policy?
  15. Do you provide service and support after closing the deal?

We found these questions are very helpful for escape room owners especially the startup rooms owners. The initial investment for escape room business is not a small amount and to get it back quickly, it is imperative to have interesting and attractive rooms from the beginning. Hire a team/designer to design a room for you will definitely add more cost to your investment hence you need to be sure that this move is worth the risk.

If you have other tips to share, please feel free to leave the comment in this post.



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