Potential of in-house escape rooms

In the previous blog post, we mentioned certain challenges that in-house escape room is facing. Even with that, there is a potential in this segment. Able to unlock this could possibly open a new market that is rewarding.

On average, an escape room charges USD 30-35 per customer per room. This is reasonable given how expensive it is for ER owners to invest into technologies to build the room. Moreover, the overhead and employee cost and marketing cost are not to be underestimated – they attribute a big portion into the operating cost of an ER. Hence in general it is difficult for ER to lower their price.

Still, USD 30-35 is expensive and not everyone is willing to pay for that. This is where alternatives like home escape room, group escape room come into the picture. These DIY rooms though cannot be fancy like ER but they are cheaper. The challenges are that not everyone is a good game designer, but this can be overcome as there are DIY home escape package available today:

Heist Escape Party
This is the only DIY home escape package that I found online. Their package are affordable. Setup is not hard. Recommend to try them. The link to their website is here

This is the platform to help DIY game designers to make their games. The platform comes up with templates and tools. One of the good features about this platform is that they work on barcodes. You can make use of barcodes at home to make your game. It helps save a lot of money. The link to this website is here

This blog shares 101 tips on how to design an escape room at home. It is very interested. By reading this post I can come up with more ideas to design my own home escape games, with low cost and not to consume a lot of time. The link to the post is here

Do you have other websites about home escape game or DIY escape room? Feel free to share in the comment.


3 thoughts on “Potential of in-house escape rooms

  1. In house escape rooms are how two pioneering outfits started in Australia actually. Escape Room Melbourne (http://www.escaperoom.com.au/) helped make escape rooms big in Australia and they built the scenario (family inheritance from a mad scientist) out of their garden shed. On the other hand, Riddle Room from Canberra (http://www.riddleroom.com.au/) started their Nightmare Room in their garage after their initial crowd funding efforts failed. Both outfits became successful ended up having proper locations (although the original Escape Room Flemington is still inside that garden shed).

    Running it for friends is another matter but it’s definitely doable!

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    1. Hi, thank you for your comment. It is interesting to hear the starting story of these escape room owners. It is indeed a good idea to make use some rooms in the house and turn it into an actual escape room. This way will help the owner save overhead cost and test the market, before he actually turns the business into bigger scale.


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