Why is not in-house escape room popular yet?

In-house escape rooms, or home escape, is a type of DIY escape rooms that people organize at home for friends and families. Though escape rooms are a new trend recently, it is not yet a favorable entertainment at home. Before going deeper into this, let’s look at common types of entertainment at home:

  • Home movie
  • Tabletop games: board games, card games, etc.
  • Drinking games

The advantage of these entertainment is that they are easy to organize and do not take too much of the host time to prepare. They can be acquired fairly cheap (may not be true for drinking games) and easily get everyone’s agreement to participate. These entertainment do not require a large space to enjoy and more important not a lot of physical activities (important aspect to consider if the entertainment happens after the dinner).

Compares to these entertainment, home escape room has certain disadvantages that make the host to consider more carefully before using this type of entertainment. These disadvantages are:

  1. It is not easy to design an escape room at home
    if you do not have experience in game design. The game may turn out ugly and your guests will easily get bored.
    The other way is to get it from a third party. The challenge with this is that the DIY package may be expensive and still not give your people a good time. Compares to this, buy a board game is a better idea.
  2. It can be costly
    because you will need to decorate your house to turn it into a theme. You also need to spend money to buy certain objects, lockers, etc. to fit into the theme.
  3. It is time consuming
    because you need to play test a few times before you can actually run it with your friends. You also need to spend time to create the themes and puzzles, plan the clues and arrangement of things in the house, etc.
  4. And people may not like it
    very simple: it is because of physical and brain activities. People feel lazy when they have to keep walking around the house to find secret objects and dig around. Other may feel turn off when knowing that they have to solve puzzles.

Even though escape room at home is not a popular thing at this moment, they have some potential. We will cover more about this in the next blog post. If you think there are any other disadvantages of making an escape room at home, feel free to leave your comment below.


2 thoughts on “Why is not in-house escape room popular yet?

  1. In house escape rooms are how two pioneering outfits started in Australia actually. Escape Room Melbourne (http://www.escaperoom.com.au/) helped make escape rooms big in Australia and they built the scenario (family inheritance from a mad scientist) out of their garden shed. On the other hand, Riddle Room from Canberra (http://www.riddleroom.com.au/) started their Nightmare Room in their garage after their initial crowd funding efforts failed. Both outfits became successful ended up having proper locations (although the original Escape Room Flemington is still inside that garden shed).

    Running it for friends is another matter but it’s definitely doable!


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