Useful Escape Room Softwares

As escape rooms are growing and becoming more popular, the technologies they are using are also evolving. A few years back when I played the first escape room, the puzzles were mainly locks. Nowsday puzzles come in many different types: weight puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, laser field, electricity, etc. to make escape roome more interesting.

Recently there is a new trend to use escape room software for escape rooms. Its main purpose is to help game master run escape rooms more effective and save cost. Some benefits of using escape room software are timer control, hints update, communication with players, enhance theme and ambience. Another benefit of using software is analytic: game masters can track duration of solving a puzzle, how many helps players ask so far, etc. so that they can improve their room.

Our BuildXcape is one of these softwares. But we offer a new feature: escape room game engine. In addition to help escape room owners control the game session, BuildXcape primary purpose is to provide tools and templates to help designers design the escape room.

There are many other softwares for escape room control and management:

Escape Room Software

Escape Room Master

Clue Control

Escape Game Manager

Escape Room Boss


Do you have other escape room software to recommend? Feel free to share in the comment


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