BuildXcape platform – New way to play DIY escape room

We have shared how we made escape room with BuildXcape platform in the previous blog post. In this post we will share more how players play the escape room we designed with BuildXcape.

A quick recap: our friends were now at one of the quests: the Dark Forest in the South


As players read this, they walked around in the house and when they spotted the plant pots, these seemed to align with the description. To verify the logic, they would scan the barcodes on the pots to see if there were anything hidden.


There were 2 places with plant pots in the house. So to be sure they would test every pot. Luckily one of the barcodes revealed a picture:


This photo had many meanings and actually made our friends to think a lot. It can either literally mean to find the cells in the house or figuratively relate to something else. Someone thought about battery’s usage. Others tried to think it provided a 6 letters to unlock the quest. Some continued to search around and eventually managed to find the cells, put on top of a small cabinet.

As the found cells matched the photo, they were on the right track. The next thing was to figure out what to do with the cells. Would the cells contain information? Or would they be used to run something? Yes yes it seemed to be right! Our friends doubtfully looked around for devices and they caught the TV remote control. Interesting enough, they checked and realized the remote control battery slot were empty, so it would mean they will need to insert the cells into the control. Once done, they turned on the TV and saw the screen which we setup before:


NICK is on the screen.

As the game masters, we secretly sent a hint to players: “you have found all the clues of the game to unlock this quest”. Players then knew that NICK must be the key to unlock the quest. But the quest required 6 letters passcode. Here is where players need to remember that this escape room is about Santa Claus, so the quests were more or less built around Santa Claus. NICK sounded like a name – and thus can be Santa Claus real name. A quick Google search showed Santa Clause name is Saint Nicholas, or St. Nick. As such players need to provide the final 6 letters code as S T N I C K to unlock this quest.

What do you think about this experience? Can BuildXcape create a different playing experience of escape room? Feel free to leave your comments below.


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