BuildXcape platform – How to make your DIY escape room

(for the benefit of new readers, BuildXcape is a platform for DIY escape room lovers who love to make their own escape room. You can visit our website here)

As we create BuildXcape, we do have some playtests with our friends. We used BuildXcape to create puzzles, set up our house and then invited friends over. One of the DIY escape room we hosted was “Santa Claus”. In this game players as the adventurers would embark on a journey to the North, West, South and East to find the lost Santa Claus. At each location there was a quest players had unlock before they could proceed to the next location. All the secret information were kept in objects spreaded around the house. Players have total 60 minutes to unlock all the quests to win.

Here we would like to share with you how we designed the game for one quest. The location of the quest was called the Dark Forest in the South:


We decided a puzzle with 6 letters: S T N I C K

The description we put is keep an eye on the jungle and it’s simpler than what you see.

We put secret information in 2 objects:

  • The 1st object was an old tin can, used to be a cream wafer, which was now used as a plant pot. We scanned the barcode of the can and insert a picture of the cells as below


  • The 2nd object was the living room TV, in which we used Chromecast to cast a background image to the screen but turn off the screen. The remote control was placed on its usual spot in the living room but without cells.

The cells were placed in a usual place in the house.

The background image of the TV screen is as follows:


If players can turn on TV and see the screen, they will immediately know the password to unlock this quest. In our next blog post we will share how players solved this quest.


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