BuildXcape – Digitalization of real escape room games (part 3)


In continuing part 2 with barcode feature, this part we will cover about the second unique feature of BuildXcape.


By defination, real-time data (RTD) is information that delivered immediately after collection. There is no delay in the timeliness of the information provided.

In BuildXcape platform, game master’s phone and players’ phones are connected to BuildXcape server. Real-time data happens in 2 ways:

  • Game master to players
  • Among players

The former means that during the game play, game master can instantly update or intervene to the game on players’ phones without players have to refresh the game. Game master can adjust timer of the game, send more hints to help players. When players are going to open a puzzle or a clue, game master can instantly update information so that when the puzzle or clue is open, players will immediately receive the updated information. This allows game master to control the game flow at ease with his phone and in many situations, control over a larger area.


How about the latter? It means real-time collaboration. It means that when one player does something on the game, such as trying to solve puzzle, found new barcodes, etc. his phone will update BuildXcape server and other players’ phones are instantly synchronized with his. A typical example of real-time collaboration is everyone use their own phones trying to scan barcodes of many objects they found and who scan the right barcode his phone and other phones’ are instantly updated.



What do you think about real-time data technology in escape room? Will this make escape room cooler?


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