BuildXcape – Digitalization of real escape room games (part 2)


First of all, Happy New Year 2017 to every one. Hiterus wishes you a year full of prosperity, joy and achievements on all the plans that you have planned.

Back to BuildXcape, in the following blog post we will cover about unique features of this platform. You can refer here for the previous blog post about BuildXcape. Remember, you do not have to be a professional game designer to use this platform. This platform is for everyone who loves to make their own escape room game and play with friends.

There are 2 unique features:barcode and real-time data

In this part, we will talk about barcode feature and its benefit



A big part of real escape room is to find hidden objects, get the information and move forward. For a DIY home or workplace escape room, you need to find places to hide hidden objects. Using barcode in this case helps simplify set up process and even create more possibilities to escape room game.

Each barcode is a unique code that can contain any information, from text to picture. To set up, you pick up a relevant object, scan its barcode with BuildXcape app. The app will then allow you to input any information you like. After that the code with the information will be kept on BuildXcape platform. When a player scans that object’s barcode using BuildXcape app, he will access to the secret information.

Why this simplifies the setup process? Because barcodes are on any common objects. There are so many objects in a house or workplace so players will not scan all to get information otherwise they run out of time. You dont have to hide the hidden objects, just leave them as they are. It is faster and saving you money.

Why it creates more possibilities? Because you can create a lot of stories with the objects you have at home or workplace. From these stories, players need to understand so that they can find the objects. An example will be a hint “cold and numb”, which leads players to the freezer. Inside the freezer there are a few objects with barcodes, such as meat boxes, beer bottles, etc. They will need to scan these to find the information to move forward.

What do you think about using barcode in DIY escape room game? Feel free to leave your comment below


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