MVP of escape game design platform

It has been a very busy week. Hiterus is working hard to create our MVP. It is a web base platform, that is used to create and play escape games. As the organizer, you can use this platform to design your own escape games at home, using the objects in your house. Then you invite your friends over. They will use the platform to play the game.

The idea of this platform came about when my partner, Ralph, and his Master classmates wanted to design a team building games to welcome their freshmen. They found out to do so would require a lot of activity brainstorms, preparation and time. Ralph’s concern at that time was how can he design such games for his people, without spending so much time, money and effort. He wants a do-it-yourself kind of thing. There are many platforms to design video games, like Unity, and tabletop game, like Tabletop Simulator. So why not team building activity platform?

That is where our MVP came from. We will test if our hypothesis is correct. Our hypothesis is that game organizer has a need on escape game design platform. The platform will solve the problem of game design complication, preparation, time and money. We choose escape games as it is also considered a very good type of team building game and it is popular.

We will keep you updated about our MVP in the next blog post.



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