The team behind

It will be a disrespect to the readers of our blog if we do not introduce who we are:

Tran Ngoc Hieu – Ralph



Pham Luong Tien – Jack (the writer)



Both of us are from Vietnam and currently we are working in Singapore. Our team was formed in end 2014. Originally the team had 3 members. Its name, Hiterus, was made from Hieu (Ralph), Tien (me) and Trung (Ryan).  Unfortunately Ryan parted way with us after a year of working to pursue his own interest.

When we were formed, we worked together in an mobile app game project, called SCiNDO, which is a puzzle game for Android OS. The game was published in 2015 and is still available in Google Play. Since Ryan left, we discontinued our app game and changed our interest to tabletop industry, which we share the same passion. Ever since, we have been designing board games and aim to have a board game be successfully funded in Kickstarter.

Along the way, we notice a growing trend in team building games, especially escape room games. Concurrently with board game project, we are designing a team building game platform. In this project, we create a platform which provide the tools for organizers and hosts to design team building games and run the games with their participants. We are creating a MVP – minimum viable product – of our platform and will test with our friends this Christmas.

These are what we are doing now. Stay tuned for the update of our work.







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